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Why is PPF a must for matte cars?

Ever wondered why matte cars need Paint Protection Film (PPF)? Well, here’s the lowdown.

First off, let’s talk about the difference between matte and glossy paint. Glossy cars can often get away with surface scratches because of a nifty process called paint correction – it involves buffing or polishing to make those scratches disappear.

Kia EV6 in the ‘moonscape’ matte shade protected with Llumar Matte PPF at our Kolkata studio

Now, matte cars are a bit trickier. They have this cool non-reflective surface that we all love, but it comes with a catch. Unlike glossy paint, you can’t buff or polish away those microscopic scratches on matte finishes. If you try, it’s like shaving off the top layer, changing the whole vibe of that matte look. So, that little scratch? Yep, it’s here to stay unless you give your car some extra love, aka, Paint Protection Film (PPF).

Black glossy paint on this Hyundai Creta that came to our studio for PPF application, was covered with swirl marks on almost all panels. After a thorough paint correction process, we were able to completely restore the paint to a flawless finish.

A top-notch PPF is like a superhero cape for your matte car. It’s self-healing, meaning it can magically zap away those surface scratches that would otherwise stick around forever on your matte beauty. And guess what? PPF has another superpower – it’s hydrophobic! That means it repels water, making your car easier to clean. How cool is that?

The all-new Skoda Slavia in this matte shade came straight from the showroom for a Llumar matte PPF.

So, if you’re eyeing a matte car for your next ride, don’t forget to factor in the cost of a good quality matte PPF. It’s like giving your car its own bodyguard, ensuring you keep cruising with that distinguished matte look without a worry in the world. Happy driving!

Matte Seltos X Line protected with Llumar PPF at our Kolkata studio

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