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Paint Protection Film Service in Kolkata

Paint Protection Films (PPF)

In order to protect the paint underneath the body panels, Paint Protection Film is a comparatively thick, transparent layer of urethane.

The automotive business, as well as virtually every other industry, uses urethane extensively. Urethane is a common material in modern automobile bumpers, seals, and even internal parts.

The substance has excellent strength, flexibility, chemical stability, and UV resistance. When applied to the body parts of your car, it acts as a second layer, shielding the paint from mechanical harm like scratches, dings, and paint chips as well as UV and chemical erosion.

For car owners who want to keep their vehicles in top shape, the PPF is an essential investment. Scratches, chips, and other costly types of damage can be reduced by shielding the car’s exterior from harm from gravel, road debris, and environmental dangers.

If your vehicle gets a scratch or other minor damage, you won’t have to get the entire component replaced, repaired, or repainted thanks to PPF. Prime Car Care can quickly and effectively remove the old PPF from the injured area and reapply a fresh layer of film over it. PPF, however, won’t be able to shield the paint from severe harm.

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Paint Protection Film

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

In order to protect your paint will most definitely be protected by Paint Protection Film from the majority of scratches, stone fragments, flying objects, scuffs, and even some parking lot damage. Like anything else, it has its limitations, but the majority of users can attest that their car is chip-free and that the paint still appears flawless even years after installation.
Additionally, there is protection from organic acids like insect guts, bird droppings, tree sap, UV rays, and environmental pollution as long as you choose one of the better goods available. When a high-quality product is used with an expert and knowledgeable installer like Prime Car Care, the film will be hidden from typical viewing distances and only be visible when you look closely and know what to look for.
Your vehicle looks opulent and expensive when the paint is brand-new and shiny. However, the sheen wears off over time, and you must frequently wash or wax to restore the lustre. The majority of vehicle protection films keep out road grime, dust, and dirt. If dirt adheres to the film, you can remove it with a simple wipe and won’t need to give your vehicle a thorough wash, cutting down on maintenance time while getting better results.
Long-term security is provided by paint protection films, which can last for more than 5 years.

Paint Protection Film Installation Process

Unlike any other covering you may have used in the past, Paint Protection Film is unique.

It is a substantial thickness of solid substance. PPF is 6–10 mils thick, whereas a piece of paper is about 3 mils thick. It takes skill, experience, meticulous planning, and an exceptionally clean environment to get it to conform precisely around the intricate surfaces like the bumper.

Before using any product, the preparatory procedure begins with the customary thorough decontamination and paint correction.

The automobile is given a thorough wash with car soap, iron removers, and possibly tar and grease removers as well. Since the wrap will tuck in on the inside, it is particularly crucial to go around the corners of the body panels. The film won’t stick to the surface if the back is dirty, and it will start peeling shortly after installation.

Detailing clay is used to get rid of bonded pollution.

Then, any flaws, pitting, scratches, swirl lines, and other flaws in the clear finish will be fixed with one-stage paint correction.

Stone chips and other damage will need to be repaired before the film is applied if you’re covering a used car for the first time.

It’s finally time to load the movie. It is cut into 2D layouts that match the contours of your body panels after being delivered in rolls of sheet material that are put into a plotting machine. Sometimes working directly with the sheet material and cutting it to size after installation is more efficient.

After 30 minutes, there is primary adhesion; complete adhesion takes 48–72 hours. It’s best to leave the car in the shop the entire time. The film may become compromised and prevent proper or full adhesion due to exposure to the sun or contamination from the roadside.

PPF Coating Cost at Prime Car Care

The film used to preserve paint The price differs according to a number of variables, including the brand, quality, and size of the vehicle. For a midsize car, a complete paint protection film installation typically costs between Rs. 350 and Rs. 900 per square foot. The expense of the movie, labor, and installation are all included in this amount. It is crucial to remember that the price for luxury or exotic vehicles may be higher.


Despite the cost of paint protection films sometimes seeming high, it is essential to take into account the advantages they offer. Long-term paint protection provided by paint protection films can save money by preventing the need for pricey paint repairs, which can be expensive. By keeping the car’s appearance in good condition, they also raise its resale worth.


Paint-protection coatings Cost may appear high at first, but for car owners who want to keep their vehicles’ appearance and value, they are a wise expenditure. Paint protection films are more expensive initially, but the long-term advantages outweigh the price, which can vary based on factors like quality, size, and location. Paint protection films can reduce the cost of expensive repairs and raise the worth of the vehicle by preventing damage to the paint.

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