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Ceramic Coating Service in Kolkata

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings are manufactured chemically from materials like quartz-silica or silica. Because they are difficult to eliminate without compounding or polishing, they are regarded as permanent coatings. True ceramic coatings, which are applied in liquid form and cure to create a hard, glass-like layer on the surface to which they have been applied, can offer long-term exterior car paint protection. When they are fully cured, they produce a strong, transparent, slick, and remarkably self-cleaning protective coating.

Ceramic coatings—also referred to as nano coatings, glass coatings, and quartz coatings—are semi-permanent coatings that are applied to a variety of surfaces to prevent environmental deterioration and make cleaning and maintaining them simpler.

Although ceramic coatings are usually harder and more durable than the clear coat on your car, they can still be scratched and swirled, and if that occurs, they must be compounded and polished like a regular clear coat. Ceramic coatings are the most challenging to apply but will last the longest. Ceramic coatings have great UV resistance and are incredibly chemically and oxidation-resistant, which keeps the paint from oxidizing.

Depending on the coating, the method of application, and the level of upkeep, ceramic coating protection can last anywhere between one and seven years. To get Best Ceramic Coating Service in Kolkata contact with Prime Car Care.

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Ceramic Coating
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Benefits of Ceramic Coating

The surface of the vehicle is well-protected by ceramic coating. The nano-coating can shield the vehicle from the majority of dings, dirt, and chemical impurities. Additionally, ceramic coating doesn’t affect the initial paint in any negative ways.


Additionally, ceramic covering is more durable than standard paint. Strong chemical bonds between the coating and the standard paint ensure that the protection remains intact even in the presence of severe shocks and vibrations.

Previously, waxing was used to give vehicles that extra shine. Waxing, though, is only temporary and ultimately wears off. The process of applying wax and ceramic coating both requires a lot of effort. However, because of its lengthy lifespan and superior finish, ceramic coating is superior to waxing in the long run.


Ceramic coating is extremely cost-effective due to its long lifespan. In addition to the benefits listed above, ceramic coating gives your vehicle a much better appearance.

The best ceramic coatings maintain the appearance of your vehicle by enhancing the intensity of the paint work and giving it a glossy appearance. Due to their exceptional chemical and scratch resistance, these protective layers aid in reducing swirls and scratches. These glass coatings have exceptional UV resilience, which prevents the oxidation and subsequent fading of the vehicle paint. Your vehicle can be protected from harm from the outside with a quartz coating, which also stops contaminants from adhering to the paint’s surface.

Types of Ceramic Coating

The terms “quartz coating,” “nano coating,” and “glass coating” refer to various kinds of ceramic coverings. When cured, they all produce a SiO2 (silicon dioxide) coating on the surface despite having various characteristics or formulations.

Spray coating is basically an enhanced spray-on coating made primarily of Teflon or SiO2 with less than 20%. It is applied similarly to spray-on wax; all you have to do is spritz it on a clean surface, wipe it off with a microfiber cloth, and presto! You have a “ceramic coating” that may last for a few months.

Many of these spray-on compounds contain more titanium dioxide (TiO2) than silicon dioxide (SiO2) by weight. The general rule for ceramic coatings is that when the TiO2 content is large, the coating is stronger and more durable, increasing the degree of protection. When the coating’s SiO2 content is greater, it becomes “slippery” or hydrophobic.

Nano Coating are sealants with superior chemistry; as a result, their durability is greater than 12 months and they create stronger molecular bonds.

The high-quality finish provided by Carpro Ceramic Coating Products. The ceramic nano-particles used in this kind of Paint Protection Product pierce the tiny flaws present in all porous materials. It is designed for particular material types, such as those used in marine, industrial, commercial, or direct automotive uses. It delivers a protective coating with better UV protection but is not designed to fill small scratches.

The two main types of Glass-Based Coatings are silica-based coatings and quartz-silane based coatings. High gloss and robust durability are provided by the quartz-silane-based glass coating. It shields the car’s exterior by depositing a cured silica coating there. The coating must completely cure for about three weeks, which is a disadvantage.

A Silicon Polymer Particle is attached to the coating of silica-based glass. Compared to quartz-silane based products, it is less durable and weather resistant.

Ceramic Coating Process

Before starting with anything the primary task is the prep work that ensures we are stating with a smooth surface.

The acronym IPA means isopropyl alcohol. It is a good solution for cleaning the body of the vehicle of all chemicals and polishing oil. It is a unique nano-based IPA solvent with a degreaser, not the common IPA found in drug shops.

Nano-based IPA cleansers should be used as they will aid in removing all polishing oils for the ceramic coating’s effective bonding because ceramic coatings are based on nanotechnology.

After completing the preliminary steps and pre-wipe cleaning, you can begin putting the ceramic product. However, it is necessary to discuss specific application areas and circumstances before moving forward.  

First and foremost, a dust-free area has to be used to apply porcelain coating. While adding ceramic coating, even a tiny bit of dirt that has adhered to the paint will bind with the coat.

Second, the optimal temperature range is between 21 and 28 degrees Celsius, with a humidity level under 50%.

In order to get high-quality, long-lasting effects, make sure to only purchase ceramic coating products from India of the highest caliber.

While a coating is being applied  Separate microfiber cloths should be used for buffing and leveling. As you move along the vehicle, continue flipping the microfibers over to the various surfaces. After applying the ceramic covering, leave the car inside for a few hours. For a few days, it’s crucial to stay away from water and toxins. The ceramic coating goes through a crystallisation procedure. When completely dried, it offers incredible properties like hydrophobicity, shine, and lustre while also offering protection from UV rays, colour fading, and other environmental dangers.

Ceramic Coating Cost at Prime Car Care

Every cent that you spend on Ceramic Covering is worthwhile. It offers outstanding defence against corrosion and the atmosphere. Investing in Ceramic Coating Services is a good idea if you want to ensure the long-term paint quality of your car. Today’s market offers a wide variety of vehicle ceramic coating brands. Choosing the one that is best for your requirements can be quite challenging. When selecting a Car ceramic Coating brand, keep the following things in mind:

Cost: Some brands are more costly than others, but quality varies widely. Make sure you are clear on the services and warranties that are offered as part of the fee.

Work quality: Choose a company with a solid track record and name. Visit their sites if you can to observe the coating application process and evaluate the coating’s quality.

Guarantees & warranties: A lot of companies provide warranties on the coatings and craftsmanship in addition to guarantees on the caliber of their work. In the event that there are any issues later, this can offer you comfort.

Depending on the coating, the method of application, and the level of upkeep, ceramic coating protection can last anywhere between one and seven years. For the greatest durability, these three elements—product, application method, and maintenance—are equally crucial. Due to the higher likelihood of wear and tear, the ceramic coating on a bike may have a shorter lifespan than the coating on a vehicle. The majority of glass coatings are provided in ceramic coating kits with all required tools for application and upkeep.

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