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What Are The Benefits of Car Detailing?

Car detailing is yet another service that is a must-do for car lovers and people who want to be stress-free when it comes to maintaining their car and car fleets! Car detailing services are very popular among car enthusiasts who love to take things a notch higher and truly make their cars and bikes look like a million bucks!
Car detailing helps protect paint, glass, and body parts from harmful UV rays, contaminants, and damage stemming from driving and does basic upkeep of your car to make sure it looks as good as new!

A basic car detailing service involves:

Decontamination wash

Car Wash Service
  1. Foam, high-pressure car wash service using smart pH shampoo
  2. Deep cleaning of tyres and alloys
  3. Engine bay clean-up
  4. Water spots/mineral deposits cleaned from logos and body
  5. Tar removal from body and alloys
  6. Iron decontamination for body and alloys

Car Interior Cleaning

Car Interior Cleaning
  1. Interior extensive vacuuming
  2. Floor mats removed and deep cleaned
  3. Deep cleaning and dressing of door trims
  4. Deep cleaning and dressing of dashboard
  5. Deep cleaning and dressing of leather seats
  6. AC vents cleaned using detailing brush

Paint correction and Detailing

Paint Correction
  1. Extensive claying on the body and all glasses
  2. Paint compounding for removal of deep scratches and swirl marks
  3. Finishing polish for paint is applied for ultimate gloss
  4. Cleaning of external plastics and metal
  5. External plastics, rubber beadings, and tyre dressing
  6. Glasses cleaned
  7. Silica sealant applied with hydrophobic capabilities.

You can add Headlight Restoration as well as Glass polishing and hydrophobicity (3 months durability) using Car Detailing Products to further protect and gleam up your car/bike!
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