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A Brief Account of Various Types of Car Scratches

Car scratches are very annoying and ugly. They make the car look poor and disgraceful and reduce its resale value. Avoiding these scratches is difficult, as they occur when driving the car and when you park your car somewhere. Yet, you can apply some remedies for those scratches. Before that, you need to know the various types of scratches that your car might suffer from. This post from the industry experts at Prime Car Care can help you a lot.

Different Types of Car Scratches

Take a look at the complete information about these scratches:

Clear Coat Scratches

The most superficial type of car scratch is a clear coat scratch. It affects only the outermost layer of the car’s paint. It does not look at all.

How to Identify Them?

These scratches are usually not harmful. Yet, they are not easily visible or identifiable. You can notice them when you look at the car from a close distance or in strong sunlight.

How to Fix Them?

Clear coat scratches are usually easy to remove. The experts at Best PPF in Kolkata suggest using a scratch-removal product, but a polishing compound can also be a good alternative. With a little effort and the correct product, the same scratches can be gone in no time.

Primer Scratches

Primer scratches are deeper than clear coat scratches. These scratches penetrate the clear coat and reach the primer layer beneath it.

How to Identify Them?

Depending on the primer color, these marks are more visible and may appear white or grey.

How to Fix Them?

Fixing primer scratches usually involves a lot of labor. You might have to use a touch-up paint kit to fix the scratches. After that, they apply a clear coat on the scratches. The experts say that sanding and polishing are the necessary steps here. These processes unite the repaired region with the rest of the paint. The overall impact is decent!

Deep Scratches

The deep scratches penetrate all the layers of the paint and uncover the metal underneath. Their impact is very poor, leaving an indecent impact on the car paint.

How to Identify Them?

These scratches can be very evident, usually leading to rusting, if not taken care of.

How to Fix Them?

Deep scratches need immediate attention to avoid further problems. Experts for Best PPF in Jamshedpur emphasize that professional repair is a must. The procedure implies injecting the scratch with body filler and sanding it to smoothness. Finally, painting the area again becomes mandatory.

Prevention Tips

While it’s impossible to avoid scratches, here are some tips to reduce them. The following tips are very effective to avoid these scratches:

  • Park With Care and Attention: Choose parking spots away from high-traffic areas. This can help reduce the chances of an accidental collision and avoid scratches.
  • Use Car Covers: Shield your car from the environmental factors around you. These factors include tree branches, dust, and bird droppings, which can also cause scratches.
  • Regular Washing and Waxing: Take good care of your car and wash and wax it to protect the car from minor scratches.


Your car is your passion; you cannot overlook its decency and attraction. As a resident of Kolkata and Jamshedpur, you can trust Prime Car Care for complete car care. You can trust the experts for the Best PPF in Kolkata. Get in touch with the company as soon as possible and protect your car from different scratches.

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